The Butcher of Krant

Lanre's Log

1 Day Since Amnesia – Woke up slumped against the wall of the research station yesterday. Apparently I am on a planet called “Krant” and it has been two years since my most recent memory. Tanda, the supervisor of the research station, is the one who found me. She said I can stay at the research station for a few weeks while I figure out what to do next.

4 DSA – Well, I’ve explored the village, Peche, not much here. The planet is mostly plains, forest, and ocean. Not much space traffic either, most of it is Imperial. The Planetary Moff, Yittreas, has mostly cut Krant off from the rest of the galaxy. Not sure how I am going to get back to my crew, or if I even have a crew anymore. The last thing I remember is them dropping me on Denon to visit my family. They were supposed to pick me up in a couple weeks….

9 DSA – Picked up some odd jobs around town, grunt work mostly. Have a few credits to my name now. Tanda said she may have some more substantial work for me in a few days. Hopefully I can earn enough to buy passage off-planet soon. At least whoever dumped me here left me with my gear, though I am missing my lucky marbles. I’ll have to find some new ones soon, can’t go long without lucky marbles.

14 DSA – Met the Planetary Governor today. He pretends to be a drunk. Asked if we (myself and another off-worlder) would help him against the Imps. Nothing better for me to do, and I’ll need all the help I can get to figure out what happened to me, so I agreed. The other guy, “Heather,” doesn’t seem to be all there. And he has a “pet” Acklay, talk about crazy….
Tanda gave us our mission, find the Dashi Tribe in the north and get a crab from them. Should be a cakewalk.

15 DSA – So this Heather guy isn’t completely useless. Tamed a rampaging Bergrufta after it almost ran us down, just wish he would shut-up for more than 5 minutes. Seems to use his rifle pretty well too, we killed 9 Vynoc for the Bergrufta owner, got 450 credits each and they threw in a mono-molecular edge for my sword, pretty good deal if you ask me.

Found the Dashi tribe later that evening. Heather sulked when they wouldn’t let the Acklay in the village, I mean, come on dude, it’s the nastiest predator on every planet it inhabits. What does he expect?

Crabs are being hunted by a Rock Raven. Killed the raven, almost died, but Heather blew its head off and the villagers healed me. They gave us a crab the next morning and we started carrying it back to Peche. The Acklay keeps jumping at the crab, who thinks these things are pets?

16 DSA – Imps in Peche when we get back. Lining people up for execution outside the governor’s manor, pretty disturbing sight. Heather wouldn’t stop drawing attention to us, but we got to the research station in one piece. At least he had the presence of mind to send the Acklay into the grasslands before the Imps saw it….

Tanda was happy with the crab, stuck it in a different pot of water and got really excited, researchers….

Imps were carrying a blind girl out of the station for execution and Heather got involved. Against my better judgment, I stepped in to try and get him out of it; never would have guessed, but I’m getting used to his company and I’m starting to think I’ll need a crew if we’re going to stop the Moff.

The Imps were determined to take the girl, we ended up killing them. Tanda was pissed, kept muttering about not getting involved; not sure how she thought she could keep from getting her hands dirty while starting an insurrection…. She got over it pretty quick though, took care of the bodies and evidence for us. Worst part is, there is another person in our group now, and she might be even more annoying than Heather. Competent healer though, which could come in real handy.

17 DSA – Its worse than I thought, she’s blind and is always happy. I get exhausted just thinking how much energy that takes. Knows a lot of stuff about the planet though, and like I said earlier, she’s a healer.

Met the Mossa tribe and they took us to the Cascade of Light. Apparently not everyone can see it, but all three of us could, even the blind girl. Heather and I went into the lake, the bottom moved when I touched it. Then the strangest thing I have ever seen appeared, an actual ghost. Turns out he is a Jedi Master who died thousands of years ago and the bottom of the lake is his giant, ergo-crab friend. Said all three of us are force sensitive, not sure I believe him. At least he gave us a message for the Mossa that should convince them to help the governor.

I get the feeling the three of us will need to stick together now, at least until we can get off the planet. Being a lone force-sensitive, real or other-wise, is not a good idea these days.

18 DSA – Slept by the Cascade of Light and made our way back to the Mossa tribe in the morning. Heather stayed outside the village as Cid is not welcome anywhere close to the village. Mino and I talked to the Prime and delivered the ghost-Jedi’s message, “Ecchu Shen-Jon still lives.” Apparently, this was the best news they have ever heard. Would have started partying right then and there if the Prime hadn’t reigned them in a bit. The she gave us a Necklace for the Governor and a small bottle of poison as a promise of more to come.

On our way back to the city we herded some nerfs with us to help Heather with a job he picked up before we left. I thought Cid was going to eat them, but Heather was able to keep him in check.

19 DSA – Oh my goodness….These people have no idea how a contracted job works. Heather made the contract with Vic, so we deliver the goods to Vic. Not someone claiming to be Vic’s dad, not someone claiming to be Vic’s wife, but Vic. It’s not hard people.

Oh, and there’s a slight complication…the Imps figured out they were short 3 stormtroopers. The Governor’s place is locked down and Tanda has been indefinitely retained in the mansion while they investigate, not sure how we are supposed to deliver the stuff now…

While we were checking out the city and delivering the nerfs Heather bought a bundle of grass for 5 credits (literally a bundle of grass…that is just grass) and a book on something called “butter-bats,” he’s a weird guy.

We also met another Zabrak, he’s a metal ore dealer named Byrek Nezkerk. Pretty sketchy character if you ask me. He noticed the chain of my locket and told me it is made of a metal called Phrik, apparently the hardest metal in the galaxy.

Meanwhile, no idea how we are going to get in to see Tanda and the Governor without arousing suspicion.

On a positive note, turns out the guy who claimed to be Vic’s father really is Vic’s father and let us stay at his place overnight if we kept an eye out for what’s killing his nerfs. Should be an easy job.

20 DSA – That..was..INSANE! Vic had an infestation of “butter-bats” in his shed (right above where I was sleeping to be precise). We killed a swarm of them, then the whole nest came after us and we barely survived before driving them off. We were toast without Mino’s healing and Heather’s knowledge from the book he bought. I can’t believe that ridiculous book he bought saved our lives…HOW DID HE KNOW!?!? I think Vic is now our friend for life, at least he paid us very well and said we can crash at his place whenever we need to, so he’s alright in my book.

Turn’s out the butter-bat book (still can’t believe that’s what they’re called) solved our delivery problem as well. Mino wrote up a “Butter-bat Preservation Bill” that we took to present to the Governor. I got us in the door by asking to see Tanda, but the Imp officer and sergeant stayed with us the entire time, so it was hard to talk about anything important. As we left Heather started babbling about the butter-bat bill and they let Tanda take us to give it to the Governor. Without him I have no idea how we would have delivered the stuff.

Our next task is to investigate some other continent and try to find the not-dead Jedi. This is turning into quite the series of jobs….

21 DSA – We made it to the other continent. Pretty crappy place to be, there’s some strange aura over the whole place that makes everyone feel awful. Seems to be stronger in the southern part around a ravine in the middle of the forest. Hopefully we won’t have to go there to find the Jedi. And I’m getting nervous about Cid. He’s an acklay so that is concerning right there, but Heather doesn’t seem to have as strong an influence over him since we arrived here. Will have to be extra careful now.



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