The Butcher of Krant

A Petition for a Butterbat Preservation

Session IV

After staying a while to speak with Master Cantvong Etrame (Force Ghost), Heather and Lanre came out of the lake thinking about their abilities differently. What they thought was mastery of their instincts, Etrame told them was actually only the beginning of a new power.

The three travelers spent the night at the lake and found their way out of the forest surrounding it. The strange woods never reveal their path but allowed them to arrive back at Mossa Eda’s tribe. She was waiting for them. Lanre delivered an important message to her from Etrame. The Jedi Force Ghost knows that Echuu Shen’Jon still lives. Mossa Eda took this news as a great sign. She gave Lanre a sacred necklace to give to Mun Drained as a sign of her submission to his rule over all the tribes. She also gave Lanre a special poison that takes nearly 10 years of favorable weather to procure. She said she intends to manufacture it in great amounts to strengthen the fighting chance of their people.

As Heather, Lanre and Mino travel back to Peche, Heather scouts a small herd of nerfs. He successful splits the herd and leads them. Lance goes forward to find a farm they can deliver them to and ultimately goes into the town to consult Vic, the owner of Superior Steaks. They settle a price for the nerfs and hand them over to the farm only to be told that the farms nerds are dying easily these days. Mino agrees to examine them and finds a mild toxin has settled in the grass around the farm. The travelers decide to stay the night in the barn. Before retiring though, they head into the town.

Peche has become fear-filled again after the last attack and the people in the market square are jittery. Lanre takes note of the imperial presence lingering in town and learns there is an investigation looking for two stormtroopers and a sergeant who disappeared a few days ago. Still, they are greeted warmly be a mother and daughter pair selling bundles of grass and tree sap at the door. The girl is enamored Heather’s acklay, Sid and the three become friends. She also tells Lanre he seems like he is missing something and bestows one of her favorite rocks to him. Lanre then purchases a hat for Mino hoping to disguise her somewhat from imperial attention.

Meanwhile, Heather investigates Husc Ve’tone’s Books in Basic and finds some peculiar books to purchase. While leaving the bookstore, a curious Bothan enters and Heather mind-reads him. He is able to see that the Bothan is focused on finding Wookies here on Krant. They leave the marketplace and Heather reads the book he found, A Guide to Butterbats on the way back to the farm for the night.

Heather takes first watch outside and the crew nearly dies in the battle that ensues during the night. Five swarms of butternuts leave the attic area of the shed and attack the group. Fortunately, Heather has new knowledge of the creatures from reading about them and knows their distaste for light. They use a flare to their advantage and kill some and drive away the rest.

In the morning, Lanre disassembles the shed for the farmers. They are compensated for the saving the future of the farm and the restaurant. Heather and Lanre devise a plan to get into the currently occupied governor’s mansion and ask Mino to write a petition. The petition will be for a Butterbat Preservation asserting their dangerous presence on Krant and the need for their containment.

And that is how they enter the mansion that morning. The hint to the sergeant in charge of the investigation that butterbats have been attacking recently and may be responsible for the missing soldiers. Lanre influences the sergeant into believing the two are friends to help smooth over their presence in the mansion. To “discuss the petition” the three are allowed upstairs to speak with Mun Drained.

The security cameras and imperial oversight make it difficult to communicate and Heather unsuccessfully tries to build a code language with him. Instead, Lanre relies on the necklace and the bottle of poison from Mossa Eda to communicate the tribe’s resolve. Mun Dralend appears to understand. Tanda Ishale is also being held at the mansion and asks them to report their discoveries at the Cascade of Light at the Research Station. The tension in the mansion is high due to the investigation and the visit of a Bothan Trade Ambassador, so the three leave quickly trying not to attract too much attention.

They leave with little information but go to the Research log their findings. They know they need to find Echuu Shen’Jon and hopefully Wookies as well on the larger and mysterious island continent. For now, the go back to Vic’s farm to rest before they find transportation to a more dangerous region of Krant.



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