Master Cantvong Etrame (Force Ghost)

Nautolan Jedi Master (Deceased)


Deep in the Lake there is a glow. It has been this way as long as the native Krantians can remember. Most of them can feel the light, the life force and empowering energy that comes from the lake and worship it.

The Force Ghost of a Nautolan Jedi Master drifts next to the surface floor. . . only the floor is a giant Ergo Kame, or ocean crab.

The crab met him while he was young and stayed with the Jedi Master, cozy in the light side energy. The Jedi came to like the creature and over time the crab was influenced by him and gained intelligence. The crab listened to the Master teach his initiates in the ways of the force, and he learned.

When the Jedi died in the Great Sith War, the crab never felt his presence disappear so he did not leave the valley the abandoned enclave was built in, even when the Jedi left the enclave carved in the rock and the water flooded the plain. He suffered, but ocean water eventually came running inland as well and he could endure the wait to see his friend again. And the Jedi did appear. His ghost looked upon his giant friend and was so touched that the crab stayed in the valley while it became a lake and waited for him. He promised he would never leave his friend’s side again. The Jedi wants to enjoy his companion and be next to him as long as he can, filling the lake with life energy and light.

Master Cantvong Etrame (Force Ghost)

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