The Butcher of Krant

To: Lucy

First Letter

Dear Lucy:

A month after I jumped on that cargo freighter, I landed on Krant. I told myself anywhere was fine, but I really like this place. The local Research Station gave me a bunk for a while so I could figure out what to do. I learned a lot about the planet from the roaming researchers and field agents that came in and out, one even keeeps an acklay as a pet!

The stormtroopers know where I am from, but don’t worry. They tried to arrest me, but two of the field agents from the Research Station rescued me! Heather is the one with the acklay, and Lanre carries a sword. They remind me of our brothers. They are completely different, but they respect each other. They asked me to join their crew while they help the locals here.

I want to keep learning about the force. Even if its really hard to use the force to see, I can heal others easily with it. I want to be able to heal my friends even better in the future because I think we have made some enemies. Of course, the Imperials are everyone’s enemy already, right?




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