The Butcher of Krant

Restoring the Balance

Session II

Lanre and Heather rid Kan Smelting Company of the Vynock infestation and turned in the tails for credits. A little bounty hunting can help a man get ahead in life. On the job they discovered hidden compartments for a type of unidentified ore found off-planet and an old tank-like vehicle in a warehouse. For promising to stay quiet about the rare and strange items, the Captain of the Guard upgraded the thickness and sharpness of Lanre’s sword.

Content with their reward, the travelers said goodbye to the Begrufta they befriend earlier and continued to walk north, tracking the Dashi Tribe.

Prime Dashi Mala met them at the edge of the camp and warned Heather that Sid, an acklay and known predator, was not welcome on their native sacred ground. Lanre explained that they were sent by Tanda Ishale to take a live Ergo Crab back to the Peche Research Station. The Prime explained that the crabs, which usually comes up onto the rocks, have been missing this season. A giant Rock Raven have disturbed the peace and harmony of the peninsula lately and the sacred crabs are staying hidden.

The solution Lanre and Heather decide upon is to use Sid, who is still a baby and somewhat looks like a crab, as bait for the bloodthirsty bird. They track the bird offshore from a beach and set up their trap on the rocks. The raven swooped down to take the bait and Sid managed to get into a crevice in the rocks. Heather shot his rifle from the tall grass on the beach and Lanre swung his sword from atop the jagged rocks and cut the bird deep under the wing. The raven slashed out in anger and punctured Lanre’s arm severely, but Heather made a critical shot and very nearly took the bird’s head off.

With harmony restored to the peninsula, Lanre and Heather felt an enormous peace settle over them. The feeling is strange and strong, but they are not yet fully aware of their sensitivity to it. The Dashi tribe were thankful for the weapons and technology that allowed Lanre and Heather to defeat to the bird. They wrap Lanre’s wounds and place a live crab in a pot of saltwater for them to take back to the Research Station.

Before they go, Prime Dashi Mala tells them, “My allegiance has always been to ”/characters/prime-mun-dralend" class=“wiki-content-link”>Prime Mun Dralend. When he is ready to fight back, we are too."



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