The Butcher of Krant

Dear Diary 1

The Cranky on Krant

Dear Diary,

You’ll never believe it! While on my way in to sell some of the Tolmarks that Sid caught, I was invited to go meet the governor. I couldn’t sell all the Tolmarks :(

At the courtyard outside the governor’s house, Sid was running around having a blast. I can’t believe they want Sid to have a special permit because he eats meat—#racist. Can’t they see he’s super cute! There was a man sitting on the bench. He had the coolest hat; although not the coolest temper. He yelled at me for no reason… ? Sid thinks there is something special about him, but I’m not sure about it. I think he just likes to yell.

The governor was super nice! He gave me a full bottle of salt liquor! The lady he sent us to was super pretty, although she acts a lot like Lanre (he’s the cranky guy with the cool hat). I’m not sure either of them knows how to smile, but I like helping people—and making people smile :) so I’m going to help Tanda (she’s the lady that acts like Lanre) get a crab then she might smile. Ohhh!!! I almost forgot the best part. I saw this super pretty girl outside Tanda’s office. She had purple hair and Sid really took a liking to her. She said her name was Mino. Such a pretty name. I hope she’s there when we get back!

I met a really nice Begrufta on our way to get the crab. She was having a really bad day and was making quite the fuss, but after we cuddled for bit, she let Lanre and me ride her toward her home. Then she introduced me to her friends. Oh, her name is Sergeant. I didn’t catch all the other Begruftas’ names, but they were all very friendly. They seemed happy enough, but they didn’t want to go near the smelters.

Sid and I checked the smelters out with Lanre in tow. I killed some of the Vynocks that were scaring Sergeant and the others. They should be happier now! Oh, I also saw a super cool gun mounted on a tank like thing—but I gotta keep it a secret… Shhhhh. They gave us a bunch of credits for killing the Vynocks and a place to stay for the night! Yay!

I’ll write again soon!

P.S.Not sure if Lanre knows how to smile, but I’ll keep trying to teach him.
P.P.S. I put a small hole in the wall of the warehouse… hopefully nobody will notice.



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