The Butcher of Krant

A Petition for a Butterbat Preservation
Session IV

After staying a while to speak with Master Cantvong Etrame (Force Ghost), Heather and Lanre came out of the lake thinking about their abilities differently. What they thought was mastery of their instincts, Etrame told them was actually only the beginning of a new power.

The three travelers spent the night at the lake and found their way out of the forest surrounding it. The strange woods never reveal their path but allowed them to arrive back at Mossa Eda’s tribe. She was waiting for them. Lanre delivered an important message to her from Etrame. The Jedi Force Ghost knows that Echuu Shen’Jon still lives. Mossa Eda took this news as a great sign. She gave Lanre a sacred necklace to give to Mun Drained as a sign of her submission to his rule over all the tribes. She also gave Lanre a special poison that takes nearly 10 years of favorable weather to procure. She said she intends to manufacture it in great amounts to strengthen the fighting chance of their people.

As Heather, Lanre and Mino travel back to Peche, Heather scouts a small herd of nerfs. He successful splits the herd and leads them. Lance goes forward to find a farm they can deliver them to and ultimately goes into the town to consult Vic, the owner of Superior Steaks. They settle a price for the nerfs and hand them over to the farm only to be told that the farms nerds are dying easily these days. Mino agrees to examine them and finds a mild toxin has settled in the grass around the farm. The travelers decide to stay the night in the barn. Before retiring though, they head into the town.

Peche has become fear-filled again after the last attack and the people in the market square are jittery. Lanre takes note of the imperial presence lingering in town and learns there is an investigation looking for two stormtroopers and a sergeant who disappeared a few days ago. Still, they are greeted warmly be a mother and daughter pair selling bundles of grass and tree sap at the door. The girl is enamored Heather’s acklay, Sid and the three become friends. She also tells Lanre he seems like he is missing something and bestows one of her favorite rocks to him. Lanre then purchases a hat for Mino hoping to disguise her somewhat from imperial attention.

Meanwhile, Heather investigates Husc Ve’tone’s Books in Basic and finds some peculiar books to purchase. While leaving the bookstore, a curious Bothan enters and Heather mind-reads him. He is able to see that the Bothan is focused on finding Wookies here on Krant. They leave the marketplace and Heather reads the book he found, A Guide to Butterbats on the way back to the farm for the night.

Heather takes first watch outside and the crew nearly dies in the battle that ensues during the night. Five swarms of butternuts leave the attic area of the shed and attack the group. Fortunately, Heather has new knowledge of the creatures from reading about them and knows their distaste for light. They use a flare to their advantage and kill some and drive away the rest.

In the morning, Lanre disassembles the shed for the farmers. They are compensated for the saving the future of the farm and the restaurant. Heather and Lanre devise a plan to get into the currently occupied governor’s mansion and ask Mino to write a petition. The petition will be for a Butterbat Preservation asserting their dangerous presence on Krant and the need for their containment.

And that is how they enter the mansion that morning. The hint to the sergeant in charge of the investigation that butterbats have been attacking recently and may be responsible for the missing soldiers. Lanre influences the sergeant into believing the two are friends to help smooth over their presence in the mansion. To “discuss the petition” the three are allowed upstairs to speak with Mun Drained.

The security cameras and imperial oversight make it difficult to communicate and Heather unsuccessfully tries to build a code language with him. Instead, Lanre relies on the necklace and the bottle of poison from Mossa Eda to communicate the tribe’s resolve. Mun Dralend appears to understand. Tanda Ishale is also being held at the mansion and asks them to report their discoveries at the Cascade of Light at the Research Station. The tension in the mansion is high due to the investigation and the visit of a Bothan Trade Ambassador, so the three leave quickly trying not to attract too much attention.

They leave with little information but go to the Research log their findings. They know they need to find Echuu Shen’Jon and hopefully Wookies as well on the larger and mysterious island continent. For now, the go back to Vic’s farm to rest before they find transportation to a more dangerous region of Krant.

Dear Diary 2
Crabs: Salt Water, White Shell, and Giant

Dear Diary,

Oh my goodness!!!! I met the coolest person today, but more on that later.

First off, we rescued a crab from a bird. A big bird almost killed Lanre in the process, but I saved him. I wasn’t thrilled by the idea of using Sid as bait, but it seemed to work out all right. Sid was super interested in making sure the crab was safe and happy the whole trip home. Only problem is that I think Sid’s protectiveness was making Lanre uncomfortable. That was a long walk.

Just when we were about to get back into Peche we noticed that Imperial storm troopers had landed. I normally try to avoid the city when they come down, but for the sake of the crab we needed to get it to the research facility; it needed fresh water. I didn’t think the Imperials would like Sid, so I sent him into the southern grasslands to keep watch. Two guards in white armor clinked up to us and asked for our papers… Just a side note, but it just dawned on me that their armor makes them look like big white crabs in shells. Anyway, Lanre gave them his papers, so I followed suit. I wasn’t comfortable with it, but I can always disappear into the forests if worst comes to worst.

We finally delivered the crab. Tanda was super happy. We got her to smile. Mission accomplished! I don’t know why she was so happy, but I was just glad. She seemed to trust us more after Lanre told her something one of the village elders had told him. I wasn’t invited because Sid and I are predators. Speciesist! So she broke down and told us that the governor has a grand plan to liberate the planet—-well at least thwart the imperials. I’m game. They’re jerks who seems to only destroy, so preventing their whims is a win win.

More skepticism and scowls from Lanre, but I think that’s just his way of smiling. He just got it backwards ;)

On our way out, I saw Mino again. I was super happy until I saw she was being harassed by some storm troopers and a sergeant. I went up to talk to them, and Lanre backed me up. I think he’s starting to like me. The Imperials threatened Mino with death, suspecting her as being a force user. I hadn’t planned on lettering her get shot, so I stepped in to intervene; although Lanre was getting tough with them and threatening them. It seemed like his talking wasn’t going to work, so I backed up and pulled out my blaster. We killed all three and saved Mino! Lanre and Tanda weren’t happy. They were convinced that something bad would happen because the Imperials would come up missing. I figured if it had to be them or Mino, better it be them.

We took Mino with us on our next mission to the southern tribe. Tanda said it would be easier to hide the bodies and avoid questions if she was not there for a bit. I was just happy to hang out with Mino more. Lanre was also a big softy and let Mino wear his hat to help disguise her. I think he’s starting to like her and me more. I hope we’re becoming friends!

On the way to the next tribe, Sid molted and grew. He’s gotten so much bigger now. He let Mino snuggle up next to him. He really likes her. She must be a good person. The next village was more of the same—-speciesists. But this is the best part, after struggling a bit with my under water breather—-Mino helped me figure it out—-we met a monster huge crab and his Jedi friend, Master Cantvong Etrame. He agreed to teach us how to use the force, and the huge old crab was super friendly and kind. Even Lanre has to love and respect something that old… I think.

P.S. Still no smile from Lanre, but I think progress is being made.

To: Lucy
First Letter

Dear Lucy:

A month after I jumped on that cargo freighter, I landed on Krant. I told myself anywhere was fine, but I really like this place. The local Research Station gave me a bunk for a while so I could figure out what to do. I learned a lot about the planet from the roaming researchers and field agents that came in and out, one even keeeps an acklay as a pet!

The stormtroopers know where I am from, but don’t worry. They tried to arrest me, but two of the field agents from the Research Station rescued me! Heather is the one with the acklay, and Lanre carries a sword. They remind me of our brothers. They are completely different, but they respect each other. They asked me to join their crew while they help the locals here.

I want to keep learning about the force. Even if its really hard to use the force to see, I can heal others easily with it. I want to be able to heal my friends even better in the future because I think we have made some enemies. Of course, the Imperials are everyone’s enemy already, right?


Dear Diary 1
The Cranky on Krant

Dear Diary,

You’ll never believe it! While on my way in to sell some of the Tolmarks that Sid caught, I was invited to go meet the governor. I couldn’t sell all the Tolmarks :(

At the courtyard outside the governor’s house, Sid was running around having a blast. I can’t believe they want Sid to have a special permit because he eats meat—#racist. Can’t they see he’s super cute! There was a man sitting on the bench. He had the coolest hat; although not the coolest temper. He yelled at me for no reason… ? Sid thinks there is something special about him, but I’m not sure about it. I think he just likes to yell.

The governor was super nice! He gave me a full bottle of salt liquor! The lady he sent us to was super pretty, although she acts a lot like Lanre (he’s the cranky guy with the cool hat). I’m not sure either of them knows how to smile, but I like helping people—and making people smile :) so I’m going to help Tanda (she’s the lady that acts like Lanre) get a crab then she might smile. Ohhh!!! I almost forgot the best part. I saw this super pretty girl outside Tanda’s office. She had purple hair and Sid really took a liking to her. She said her name was Mino. Such a pretty name. I hope she’s there when we get back!

I met a really nice Begrufta on our way to get the crab. She was having a really bad day and was making quite the fuss, but after we cuddled for bit, she let Lanre and me ride her toward her home. Then she introduced me to her friends. Oh, her name is Sergeant. I didn’t catch all the other Begruftas’ names, but they were all very friendly. They seemed happy enough, but they didn’t want to go near the smelters.

Sid and I checked the smelters out with Lanre in tow. I killed some of the Vynocks that were scaring Sergeant and the others. They should be happier now! Oh, I also saw a super cool gun mounted on a tank like thing—but I gotta keep it a secret… Shhhhh. They gave us a bunch of credits for killing the Vynocks and a place to stay for the night! Yay!

I’ll write again soon!

P.S.Not sure if Lanre knows how to smile, but I’ll keep trying to teach him.
P.P.S. I put a small hole in the wall of the warehouse… hopefully nobody will notice.

Force and Destiny
Session III

Stormtroopers were everywhere when Lanre Solimar and Heather JyuOh returned to Peche with the Ergo Crab. Carrying the crab in a pot of water strung to his backpack, Lanre managed to keep a hungry pet acklay from eating their precious cargo. However, as soon as the two travelers came upon the edge of the grass near the city, their companion acklay was the last thing they worried about.

A round of rifle shots stung the air as stormtroopers executed Krant citizens for treason. At the balcony of the Governor’s House, Mun Dralend watched with a hard expression. At his shoulder, an Imperial officer named, they would later learn, Rile Sehkmet stands officiating the executions.

Our travelers made the mistake of sneaking past, and got snagged by two stormtroopers. The stormtroopers checked their IDs and graciously let them be on their way. Though Rile did lock eyes with Lanre as they passed.

The Research Station sits only across the road from where Lanre and Heather entered the city, so they walked through the empty and quiet road to give the crab to Tanda Ishale.

After analyzing the crab in her private lab, Tanda gave Lanre and Heather a new mission. Their official mission was to investigate the Cascade of Light, and their unofficial mission was to speak with the Prime of the Mossa Tribe in the southern grasslands. Like the Prime of the Dashi Tribe in the north, Governor Mun Dralend is looking for support to resist the planetary invasions and executions.

Their conversation was interrupted by a scream in the hallway, as a resident in the hostel was being taken out of the building by two stormtroopers and a stormtrooper sergeant. Heather recognized the resident as Mino Sartori, a girl he spoke with only the other day. Lanre attempted to intimdate the stormtrooper sergeant into letting her go, but the conversation escalated to violence. In the end, Tanda helped them throw the bodies in the garbage compacter and erase the footage. She is very unhappy.

However, Mino, the new member of the group, is very happy. Without eyes, she can still seem to find her way. Lanre and Heather took advantage of her skillful healing immediately and they escaped Peche together with the help of some of the locals.

In the southern grasslands, Heather tracked the roaming Mossa Tribe, who follow a herd of Torik. The travelers were not welcome in the tribe with a predator among them, so Lanre made the call to visit the Cascade of Light first and then return to the tribe.

The Cascade of Light is to the East of the tribe, and the three travelers made their way there under the afternoon sun. The lake itself glowed with a particular blue and is considered sacred ground to the native Krantians.

Wearing the masks given to them by Tanda Ishale, Lanre and Heather dove into the lake. Lanre made it to the bottom with ease, but Mino had to adjust Heather’s breath mask several times before it would work underwater.

At the bottom of the lake, Lanre sensed something strange. Maybe it was those years as a smuggler, or this new sense of destiny he’d felt lately, but he knew immediately that something huge lived in this water. The lake floor belonged to the shell of the Ergo Kame, a giant crab. A blue figure swam up to greet Lanre and Heather. It was a Nautolan who introduced himself as Master Cantvong Etrame (Force Ghost).

The Jedi Master spoke with Heather and Lanre for some time. He introduced them to the light side of the force and taught them meditation to help guide them along that path. Most importantly, he told them to give a message to the Mossa Tribe. He said to tell them Echuu Shen’Jon still lives.

Lanre's Log

1 Day Since Amnesia – Woke up slumped against the wall of the research station yesterday. Apparently I am on a planet called “Krant” and it has been two years since my most recent memory. Tanda, the supervisor of the research station, is the one who found me. She said I can stay at the research station for a few weeks while I figure out what to do next.

4 DSA – Well, I’ve explored the village, Peche, not much here. The planet is mostly plains, forest, and ocean. Not much space traffic either, most of it is Imperial. The Planetary Moff, Yittreas, has mostly cut Krant off from the rest of the galaxy. Not sure how I am going to get back to my crew, or if I even have a crew anymore. The last thing I remember is them dropping me on Denon to visit my family. They were supposed to pick me up in a couple weeks….

9 DSA – Picked up some odd jobs around town, grunt work mostly. Have a few credits to my name now. Tanda said she may have some more substantial work for me in a few days. Hopefully I can earn enough to buy passage off-planet soon. At least whoever dumped me here left me with my gear, though I am missing my lucky marbles. I’ll have to find some new ones soon, can’t go long without lucky marbles.

14 DSA – Met the Planetary Governor today. He pretends to be a drunk. Asked if we (myself and another off-worlder) would help him against the Imps. Nothing better for me to do, and I’ll need all the help I can get to figure out what happened to me, so I agreed. The other guy, “Heather,” doesn’t seem to be all there. And he has a “pet” Acklay, talk about crazy….
Tanda gave us our mission, find the Dashi Tribe in the north and get a crab from them. Should be a cakewalk.

15 DSA – So this Heather guy isn’t completely useless. Tamed a rampaging Bergrufta after it almost ran us down, just wish he would shut-up for more than 5 minutes. Seems to use his rifle pretty well too, we killed 9 Vynoc for the Bergrufta owner, got 450 credits each and they threw in a mono-molecular edge for my sword, pretty good deal if you ask me.

Found the Dashi tribe later that evening. Heather sulked when they wouldn’t let the Acklay in the village, I mean, come on dude, it’s the nastiest predator on every planet it inhabits. What does he expect?

Crabs are being hunted by a Rock Raven. Killed the raven, almost died, but Heather blew its head off and the villagers healed me. They gave us a crab the next morning and we started carrying it back to Peche. The Acklay keeps jumping at the crab, who thinks these things are pets?

16 DSA – Imps in Peche when we get back. Lining people up for execution outside the governor’s manor, pretty disturbing sight. Heather wouldn’t stop drawing attention to us, but we got to the research station in one piece. At least he had the presence of mind to send the Acklay into the grasslands before the Imps saw it….

Tanda was happy with the crab, stuck it in a different pot of water and got really excited, researchers….

Imps were carrying a blind girl out of the station for execution and Heather got involved. Against my better judgment, I stepped in to try and get him out of it; never would have guessed, but I’m getting used to his company and I’m starting to think I’ll need a crew if we’re going to stop the Moff.

The Imps were determined to take the girl, we ended up killing them. Tanda was pissed, kept muttering about not getting involved; not sure how she thought she could keep from getting her hands dirty while starting an insurrection…. She got over it pretty quick though, took care of the bodies and evidence for us. Worst part is, there is another person in our group now, and she might be even more annoying than Heather. Competent healer though, which could come in real handy.

17 DSA – Its worse than I thought, she’s blind and is always happy. I get exhausted just thinking how much energy that takes. Knows a lot of stuff about the planet though, and like I said earlier, she’s a healer.

Met the Mossa tribe and they took us to the Cascade of Light. Apparently not everyone can see it, but all three of us could, even the blind girl. Heather and I went into the lake, the bottom moved when I touched it. Then the strangest thing I have ever seen appeared, an actual ghost. Turns out he is a Jedi Master who died thousands of years ago and the bottom of the lake is his giant, ergo-crab friend. Said all three of us are force sensitive, not sure I believe him. At least he gave us a message for the Mossa that should convince them to help the governor.

I get the feeling the three of us will need to stick together now, at least until we can get off the planet. Being a lone force-sensitive, real or other-wise, is not a good idea these days.

18 DSA – Slept by the Cascade of Light and made our way back to the Mossa tribe in the morning. Heather stayed outside the village as Cid is not welcome anywhere close to the village. Mino and I talked to the Prime and delivered the ghost-Jedi’s message, “Ecchu Shen-Jon still lives.” Apparently, this was the best news they have ever heard. Would have started partying right then and there if the Prime hadn’t reigned them in a bit. The she gave us a Necklace for the Governor and a small bottle of poison as a promise of more to come.

On our way back to the city we herded some nerfs with us to help Heather with a job he picked up before we left. I thought Cid was going to eat them, but Heather was able to keep him in check.

19 DSA – Oh my goodness….These people have no idea how a contracted job works. Heather made the contract with Vic, so we deliver the goods to Vic. Not someone claiming to be Vic’s dad, not someone claiming to be Vic’s wife, but Vic. It’s not hard people.

Oh, and there’s a slight complication…the Imps figured out they were short 3 stormtroopers. The Governor’s place is locked down and Tanda has been indefinitely retained in the mansion while they investigate, not sure how we are supposed to deliver the stuff now…

While we were checking out the city and delivering the nerfs Heather bought a bundle of grass for 5 credits (literally a bundle of grass…that is just grass) and a book on something called “butter-bats,” he’s a weird guy.

We also met another Zabrak, he’s a metal ore dealer named Byrek Nezkerk. Pretty sketchy character if you ask me. He noticed the chain of my locket and told me it is made of a metal called Phrik, apparently the hardest metal in the galaxy.

Meanwhile, no idea how we are going to get in to see Tanda and the Governor without arousing suspicion.

On a positive note, turns out the guy who claimed to be Vic’s father really is Vic’s father and let us stay at his place overnight if we kept an eye out for what’s killing his nerfs. Should be an easy job.

20 DSA – That..was..INSANE! Vic had an infestation of “butter-bats” in his shed (right above where I was sleeping to be precise). We killed a swarm of them, then the whole nest came after us and we barely survived before driving them off. We were toast without Mino’s healing and Heather’s knowledge from the book he bought. I can’t believe that ridiculous book he bought saved our lives…HOW DID HE KNOW!?!? I think Vic is now our friend for life, at least he paid us very well and said we can crash at his place whenever we need to, so he’s alright in my book.

Turn’s out the butter-bat book (still can’t believe that’s what they’re called) solved our delivery problem as well. Mino wrote up a “Butter-bat Preservation Bill” that we took to present to the Governor. I got us in the door by asking to see Tanda, but the Imp officer and sergeant stayed with us the entire time, so it was hard to talk about anything important. As we left Heather started babbling about the butter-bat bill and they let Tanda take us to give it to the Governor. Without him I have no idea how we would have delivered the stuff.

Our next task is to investigate some other continent and try to find the not-dead Jedi. This is turning into quite the series of jobs….

21 DSA – We made it to the other continent. Pretty crappy place to be, there’s some strange aura over the whole place that makes everyone feel awful. Seems to be stronger in the southern part around a ravine in the middle of the forest. Hopefully we won’t have to go there to find the Jedi. And I’m getting nervous about Cid. He’s an acklay so that is concerning right there, but Heather doesn’t seem to have as strong an influence over him since we arrived here. Will have to be extra careful now.

Restoring the Balance
Session II

Lanre and Heather rid Kan Smelting Company of the Vynock infestation and turned in the tails for credits. A little bounty hunting can help a man get ahead in life. On the job they discovered hidden compartments for a type of unidentified ore found off-planet and an old tank-like vehicle in a warehouse. For promising to stay quiet about the rare and strange items, the Captain of the Guard upgraded the thickness and sharpness of Lanre’s sword.

Content with their reward, the travelers said goodbye to the Begrufta they befriend earlier and continued to walk north, tracking the Dashi Tribe.

Prime Dashi Mala met them at the edge of the camp and warned Heather that Sid, an acklay and known predator, was not welcome on their native sacred ground. Lanre explained that they were sent by Tanda Ishale to take a live Ergo Crab back to the Peche Research Station. The Prime explained that the crabs, which usually comes up onto the rocks, have been missing this season. A giant Rock Raven have disturbed the peace and harmony of the peninsula lately and the sacred crabs are staying hidden.

The solution Lanre and Heather decide upon is to use Sid, who is still a baby and somewhat looks like a crab, as bait for the bloodthirsty bird. They track the bird offshore from a beach and set up their trap on the rocks. The raven swooped down to take the bait and Sid managed to get into a crevice in the rocks. Heather shot his rifle from the tall grass on the beach and Lanre swung his sword from atop the jagged rocks and cut the bird deep under the wing. The raven slashed out in anger and punctured Lanre’s arm severely, but Heather made a critical shot and very nearly took the bird’s head off.

With harmony restored to the peninsula, Lanre and Heather felt an enormous peace settle over them. The feeling is strange and strong, but they are not yet fully aware of their sensitivity to it. The Dashi tribe were thankful for the weapons and technology that allowed Lanre and Heather to defeat to the bird. They wrap Lanre’s wounds and place a live crab in a pot of saltwater for them to take back to the Research Station.

Before they go, Prime Dashi Mala tells them, “My allegiance has always been to ”/characters/prime-mun-dralend" class=“wiki-content-link”>Prime Mun Dralend. When he is ready to fight back, we are too."

An Unlikely Friendship
Session I

Lanre was in Superior Steaks eating the house special when Yussar Chofe, assistant to the Planetary Governor sat across from him and gave him an invitation to meet Governor Mun Dralend. When he arrived at the mansion, another man, Heather JyuOh and his companion baby acklay were also there to see the Governor.

It was an odd encounter that was made more awkward by the Governors drunkeness. Under the Imperial security cameras of Moff Yittreas, the Governor only mentioned that Heather should get his predator pet registered at the Research Station and that they should see the Cascade of Light during their stay on Krant.

But outside the mansion courtyard, Assistant Yussar Chofe explained that the Governor was interested in them because he would like to earn their allegiance. He needs capable people around him that can help him ready his people.

Lanre, Heather and Sid went directly to the Research Station where Tanda Ishtale is the boss. Lanre, a matter-of-fact person just asked what they need to do. Tanda, a matter-of-fact woman, told them to go to the Dashi Tribe and catch an Ergo Crab.

So they walked.

Walking through the grassland, both of them saw the rampaging Bergrufta in time to dodge its war path. Heather, realizing it to be an intelligent and normally docile creature, was able to calm and pacify it. Lanre was the one to spot the smoke in the distance and gauged it to be within walking distance before sundown. A domesticated beast of burden, the Bergrufta (which Heather lovingly named Sergeant) gladly carried them to the source of the smoke, which turned out to be the Kan Smelting Company run by Farrum and Dhen Gro’Kan.

Farrum was very appreciative for the returned Bergrufta and asked if these travelers would be mercenaries for the day. The Bergrufta have been upset for a week, occasionally getting spooked and rampaging, and Farrum wondered if Heather could determine what the problem was.

Heather went to the Bergrufta and joined their circle. He found them to be happy, peaceful creatures and lost track of time getting to know the herd and enjoying their affection.

Lanre went to the Captain of the Guard to discover why the smelting company was being so secretive. While he suspects the man withheld information, he learned that the cause of the disturbance was likely Vynock eating the refined metals. The Captain asked the two mercenaries to be discreet in disposing of them. For some reason, he does not want anyone to know that Vynock are here.

After dark, Lanre pulled Heather away from the Bergrufta herd and inspected the warehouses. They found the pack of Vynock and eliminated them. After years of working as a smuggler, Lanre cut the tails off the carcasses as proof for payment and threw the rest in the furnace.


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