Order 66 has wiped out the Jedi and the GALACTIC EMPIRE now rules every sector of the galaxy with crushing oppression. Even in the Bothan Sector, supposedly neutral territory, the ISB and Inquisitorius roam unchallenged.

Grand Admiral Tarkin has appointed his Moffs to govern the new GALACTIC EMPIRE and he at first struggled to find a place for the over-eager and sociopathic Moff Yittreas. Then he thought of Krant. A System with a growing aggression toward the EMPIRE after the assault to their moons and forests during the Clone War. So, suspicious of Krant becoming sympathetic to the Rebellion and in need of a good application of Imperial pressure, he gives Yittreas the job.

Planet-side, Governor Mun Dralend knows Krant will be strangled to a slow death. Moff Yittreas is relishing the opportunity to break the will of the people of Krant. The Governor knows their time is limited in this dark age. Even still, a curiosity has taken the Governor’s attention lately. He has noticed a group of travelers among his people who appear eerily capable. He has sent them an invitation to the Prime House with a keen interest in getting to know them better. . .

The Butcher of Krant

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