The Uprising II

When Lanre and Heather returned to Peche with the crab, the city was under Imperial Military occupation.

Upon examination of the crab at the Research Station, Tanda Ishale is sure there is one in the Cascade of Light. A giant one. Go investigate with help of the Mossa Tribe in Southern Grasslands. That will be your official mission.

Your unofficial mission will be to speak with Prime Mossa Eda of the Mossa Tribe and get her allegiance to Governor Mun Dralend. We have the support of 5 of the 7 tribes, but we need her most. Do whatever you can to persuade her.

She gives the Lanre and Heather breathe masks that utilize synthetic gill technology for underwater breathing as the reward for the last mission. “I’m not a Hutt so I can’t offer you great rewards, but I won’t kill you if you fail. Isn’t that something to be thankful for these days?”

She does begrudgingly say that she will try to negotiate with Governor Dralend for some sort of reward for you if you successfully reunite the tribes and strengthen the Krantian Resistance.

The Uprising II

The Butcher of Krant Maeldoun