The Uprising

[PCs have received a message from Yussar Chofe and enter the courtyard gate to the Prime House.]

The large square courtyard is simple but elegant. Four prize albino deer graze on the grass. There is a narrow stone path from the gate to the door of the Prime House, where the Planetary Governor resides and conducts his business. There are three statues in the center of the path, three trees whose limbs climb and intertwine to create a pergola. The trees are all different and appear to have great symbolism. Water runs around the edge of the stone wall and one of the deer is drinking from it.

A Krantian man in a white robe comes out to meet you. “Welcome, good to see you again, I am the Assistant to Governor Mun Dralend.” His face changes from pleasant to serious as he says, “Out of respect for Moff Yittreas, who will be listening in, please keep your conversation appropriate for the Galactic Empire. It is just that Governor Dralend really wanted to meet you”

The Governor is standing behind his desk when you come in.

Cheerfully he says "Tourists! Welcome to Krant. We have plenty of natural wonders for you to occupy your time with during your stay. I invite you to plan your trip through the Research Agency, they will help you find all the main attractions. Be sure to visit the Keskanawwalek, Krantian for Cascade of Light.

At the research station, Lanre and Heather are told by Tanda Ishale to go to the northern peninsula and catch a ergo crab for her. If they can do that, they will talk more.

The Uprising

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