Yussar Chofe

Assistant to Governor Mun Dralend


Yussar is a human who was born on Krant to a farm-hand. He grew up sitting outside the courtyard of the Prime House dreaming of important people saying important things. One day he was allowed inside as a mail carrier. Slowly working his way up, it was Prime Mossa Futo who asked him to act in secret as his personal aid. When Mossa Futo was murdered, Yussar’s dedication and resolve for the Prime House became cemented in a new way.

Yussar is older than Governor Dralend, but has more energy. He acts as the Governors arm outside of the Prime House, where it is harder for Moff Yittreas to reach. Yussar loves and admires Dralend, and would do anything to see his goals be fulfilled.

Unlike most of the people on Krant, Yussar is well-acquainted with technology.

Yussar Chofe

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