Sid (Obsidian)

Acklay, Companion to Heather JyuOh


A mutant Acklay from the contaminated Ebon Sea on Geonosis.


Heather’s father was an exotic beast collector for the galaxy’s most successful execution arenas. The mutant Acklays of the Ebon Sea were a prize find. The toxins that seep into the scum-lined sea from Golbah’s Pit permanently altered the creatures that lived there. Heather’s father was able to capture a beautiful mutant female Acklay with a heavy armored black shell and superior razor claws.

The female served a Hutt arena terrifically and Heather watched the rare Acklay do battle. It was then that he saw the egg inside of her. His father allowed him to keep the egg to care for knowing it would be years before it hatched.

Heather named the Acklay when it hatched. He called him Obsidian, after his mother since the creature shared her black shell and the rare features of those born from the Ebon Sea.

Sid (Obsidian)

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