Prime Mun Dralend

Planetary Governor residing in Peche


Prime Mun Dralend keeps to the Prime House most of the time and indulges in Salt Liquor, a salty drink derived from the ocean and fermented with the fruit of the Sukra tree. That is the behavior the Imperials see through their security cameras. He handles daily affairs with jovial distance and efficiently maintains the planet’s resources. He rarely intervenes with locals unless there is a major dispute and he is sought out.

Most people think he is a ruler completely dominated by Moff Yittreas. Because Yittreas has a genocidal disposition, Dralend has begun to plot against him. Outside of the Prime House, Dralend utilizes his trusted assistant, Yussar Chofe, to carry out his personal goals. Dralend is willing to make slow steps towards what he wants. He will wait in the grass as long as it takes before he strikes. When he does, it will be because he knows he cannot fail.

Prime Mun Dralend

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