The Butcher of Krant

Force and Destiny

Session III

Stormtroopers were everywhere when Lanre Solimar and Heather JyuOh returned to Peche with the Ergo Crab. Carrying the crab in a pot of water strung to his backpack, Lanre managed to keep a hungry pet acklay from eating their precious cargo. However, as soon as the two travelers came upon the edge of the grass near the city, their companion acklay was the last thing they worried about.

A round of rifle shots stung the air as stormtroopers executed Krant citizens for treason. At the balcony of the Governor’s House, Mun Dralend watched with a hard expression. At his shoulder, an Imperial officer named, they would later learn, Rile Sehkmet stands officiating the executions.

Our travelers made the mistake of sneaking past, and got snagged by two stormtroopers. The stormtroopers checked their IDs and graciously let them be on their way. Though Rile did lock eyes with Lanre as they passed.

The Research Station sits only across the road from where Lanre and Heather entered the city, so they walked through the empty and quiet road to give the crab to Tanda Ishale.

After analyzing the crab in her private lab, Tanda gave Lanre and Heather a new mission. Their official mission was to investigate the Cascade of Light, and their unofficial mission was to speak with the Prime of the Mossa Tribe in the southern grasslands. Like the Prime of the Dashi Tribe in the north, Governor Mun Dralend is looking for support to resist the planetary invasions and executions.

Their conversation was interrupted by a scream in the hallway, as a resident in the hostel was being taken out of the building by two stormtroopers and a stormtrooper sergeant. Heather recognized the resident as Mino Sartori, a girl he spoke with only the other day. Lanre attempted to intimdate the stormtrooper sergeant into letting her go, but the conversation escalated to violence. In the end, Tanda helped them throw the bodies in the garbage compacter and erase the footage. She is very unhappy.

However, Mino, the new member of the group, is very happy. Without eyes, she can still seem to find her way. Lanre and Heather took advantage of her skillful healing immediately and they escaped Peche together with the help of some of the locals.

In the southern grasslands, Heather tracked the roaming Mossa Tribe, who follow a herd of Torik. The travelers were not welcome in the tribe with a predator among them, so Lanre made the call to visit the Cascade of Light first and then return to the tribe.

The Cascade of Light is to the East of the tribe, and the three travelers made their way there under the afternoon sun. The lake itself glowed with a particular blue and is considered sacred ground to the native Krantians.

Wearing the masks given to them by Tanda Ishale, Lanre and Heather dove into the lake. Lanre made it to the bottom with ease, but Mino had to adjust Heather’s breath mask several times before it would work underwater.

At the bottom of the lake, Lanre sensed something strange. Maybe it was those years as a smuggler, or this new sense of destiny he’d felt lately, but he knew immediately that something huge lived in this water. The lake floor belonged to the shell of the Ergo Kame, a giant crab. A blue figure swam up to greet Lanre and Heather. It was a Nautolan who introduced himself as Master Cantvong Etrame (Force Ghost).

The Jedi Master spoke with Heather and Lanre for some time. He introduced them to the light side of the force and taught them meditation to help guide them along that path. Most importantly, he told them to give a message to the Mossa Tribe. He said to tell them Echuu Shen’Jon still lives.



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