The Butcher of Krant

Dear Diary 2

Crabs: Salt Water, White Shell, and Giant

Dear Diary,

Oh my goodness!!!! I met the coolest person today, but more on that later.

First off, we rescued a crab from a bird. A big bird almost killed Lanre in the process, but I saved him. I wasn’t thrilled by the idea of using Sid as bait, but it seemed to work out all right. Sid was super interested in making sure the crab was safe and happy the whole trip home. Only problem is that I think Sid’s protectiveness was making Lanre uncomfortable. That was a long walk.

Just when we were about to get back into Peche we noticed that Imperial storm troopers had landed. I normally try to avoid the city when they come down, but for the sake of the crab we needed to get it to the research facility; it needed fresh water. I didn’t think the Imperials would like Sid, so I sent him into the southern grasslands to keep watch. Two guards in white armor clinked up to us and asked for our papers… Just a side note, but it just dawned on me that their armor makes them look like big white crabs in shells. Anyway, Lanre gave them his papers, so I followed suit. I wasn’t comfortable with it, but I can always disappear into the forests if worst comes to worst.

We finally delivered the crab. Tanda was super happy. We got her to smile. Mission accomplished! I don’t know why she was so happy, but I was just glad. She seemed to trust us more after Lanre told her something one of the village elders had told him. I wasn’t invited because Sid and I are predators. Speciesist! So she broke down and told us that the governor has a grand plan to liberate the planet—-well at least thwart the imperials. I’m game. They’re jerks who seems to only destroy, so preventing their whims is a win win.

More skepticism and scowls from Lanre, but I think that’s just his way of smiling. He just got it backwards ;)

On our way out, I saw Mino again. I was super happy until I saw she was being harassed by some storm troopers and a sergeant. I went up to talk to them, and Lanre backed me up. I think he’s starting to like me. The Imperials threatened Mino with death, suspecting her as being a force user. I hadn’t planned on lettering her get shot, so I stepped in to intervene; although Lanre was getting tough with them and threatening them. It seemed like his talking wasn’t going to work, so I backed up and pulled out my blaster. We killed all three and saved Mino! Lanre and Tanda weren’t happy. They were convinced that something bad would happen because the Imperials would come up missing. I figured if it had to be them or Mino, better it be them.

We took Mino with us on our next mission to the southern tribe. Tanda said it would be easier to hide the bodies and avoid questions if she was not there for a bit. I was just happy to hang out with Mino more. Lanre was also a big softy and let Mino wear his hat to help disguise her. I think he’s starting to like her and me more. I hope we’re becoming friends!

On the way to the next tribe, Sid molted and grew. He’s gotten so much bigger now. He let Mino snuggle up next to him. He really likes her. She must be a good person. The next village was more of the same—-speciesists. But this is the best part, after struggling a bit with my under water breather—-Mino helped me figure it out—-we met a monster huge crab and his Jedi friend, Master Cantvong Etrame. He agreed to teach us how to use the force, and the huge old crab was super friendly and kind. Even Lanre has to love and respect something that old… I think.

P.S. Still no smile from Lanre, but I think progress is being made.



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