The Butcher of Krant

An Unlikely Friendship

Session I

Lanre was in Superior Steaks eating the house special when Yussar Chofe, assistant to the Planetary Governor sat across from him and gave him an invitation to meet Governor Mun Dralend. When he arrived at the mansion, another man, Heather JyuOh and his companion baby acklay were also there to see the Governor.

It was an odd encounter that was made more awkward by the Governors drunkeness. Under the Imperial security cameras of Moff Yittreas, the Governor only mentioned that Heather should get his predator pet registered at the Research Station and that they should see the Cascade of Light during their stay on Krant.

But outside the mansion courtyard, Assistant Yussar Chofe explained that the Governor was interested in them because he would like to earn their allegiance. He needs capable people around him that can help him ready his people.

Lanre, Heather and Sid went directly to the Research Station where Tanda Ishtale is the boss. Lanre, a matter-of-fact person just asked what they need to do. Tanda, a matter-of-fact woman, told them to go to the Dashi Tribe and catch an Ergo Crab.

So they walked.

Walking through the grassland, both of them saw the rampaging Bergrufta in time to dodge its war path. Heather, realizing it to be an intelligent and normally docile creature, was able to calm and pacify it. Lanre was the one to spot the smoke in the distance and gauged it to be within walking distance before sundown. A domesticated beast of burden, the Bergrufta (which Heather lovingly named Sergeant) gladly carried them to the source of the smoke, which turned out to be the Kan Smelting Company run by Farrum and Dhen Gro’Kan.

Farrum was very appreciative for the returned Bergrufta and asked if these travelers would be mercenaries for the day. The Bergrufta have been upset for a week, occasionally getting spooked and rampaging, and Farrum wondered if Heather could determine what the problem was.

Heather went to the Bergrufta and joined their circle. He found them to be happy, peaceful creatures and lost track of time getting to know the herd and enjoying their affection.

Lanre went to the Captain of the Guard to discover why the smelting company was being so secretive. While he suspects the man withheld information, he learned that the cause of the disturbance was likely Vynock eating the refined metals. The Captain asked the two mercenaries to be discreet in disposing of them. For some reason, he does not want anyone to know that Vynock are here.

After dark, Lanre pulled Heather away from the Bergrufta herd and inspected the warehouses. They found the pack of Vynock and eliminated them. After years of working as a smuggler, Lanre cut the tails off the carcasses as proof for payment and threw the rest in the furnace.



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